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Adding Function to Beauty in Your Sunscape Sunroom

Deciding to have your own sunroom is an exciting moment; you think of the time you'll spend reading in it, and how great it's going to look on your house. Maybe there's a little bit of pride building up as you think of what your neighbours will feel when they know you're sipping your coffee on a bright spring morning, but it's too cold for them on their decks. While you're sorting out all your wonderful emotions, one thing we want to remind you of is: functionality.

The most beautiful sunroom is one that has been thought through, and actually will meet your needs for years to come. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when you are designing your sunroom.


1. Power is King

When your sunroom is finished, and you bring in that lamp that will help you read books late into the night, not having a plug can really ruin the moment. Dragging extension cords all over the room can be a hazard, as well as a little frustrating to your new design. The best time to install new plugs, pedestals, or move around electrical is at the beginning stages of the sunroom. We can even run your wires to their locations as we build the deck, so the end result is a clean, easily powered sunroom. Take a couple moments and consider your electricity wants and needs.


2. Light Your Way

Depending on your lifestyle, the times you will be maximizing your sunroom, and even the direction your sunroom faces, you might need a little more light in the wee early mornings or the late night owl evenings. Sharing a coffee with a loved one, reading a book, or enjoying a meal, might require some lamps, lights, or even some soffit pot lights. Taking a look at what kind of sunroom you are getting, and preparing to meet those needs while in the construction stage will make the finished product much more functional.


3. How Much Do You Entertain?

Are you the type of person who likes having a lot of family or friends over to your house? Do you like large parties? Or are you the type who would rather just be with one or two people at a time? Would you rather sit with simply your spouse and gaze across your kingdom (lovely backyard) in the quiet? Either way, this will very quickly help you decide how big your sunroom needs to be. We have built both very small ones (for one lovely elderly lady who lives on her own), and very large ones (for entertaining types). The only time one is better than the other, is when one suits your needs better than the other.


4. Define Your Space

Just like thinking about how many people you are hosting, deciding how you are hosting is another step in figuring out the size of sunroom you require. We have had many discussions with our clients about the purpose of their room, and it is one of the largest defining factors of size. Do you want a dining area to serve your best Barbecued rib recipe to your friends? Would you rather lounge in a couch or chairs? Do you want both sitting, and lounging? Defining what your main desires are will help you love your new space that much more.


5. Furniture Placement

While this point may make you feel alarmed or overwhelmed, if you don't have your furniture planned out down to the "T", we won't hold it against you. This one is actually much more broad than you might think. When you stand in your sunroom, where might you like your couch to face? What view do you want to see when you sit at your bistro set? This does not ever have to be set in stone, however it's a good practice to start imagining your space. Sunscape Sunrooms builds custom rooms, so when we design your room, we can have patio doors in strategic, convenient places. Thinking about how you want your space to feel, helps get everything where it needs to be.


6. Flooring

When your sunroom is complete, you will have a clean space to put your flooring in and on. Talking to your favourite flooring store about the best products for your space is the best place to start this journey. Not all products are the best for three season sunrooms, so consider asking a couple of questions: what is the warranty of the product, what has the least shrinking/expanding responses to the weather, and what will hold up to the purposes you intend it for. Knowledge is a great peace of mind, and knowing that your flooring choice will last in your sunroom is even better.


7. Air Movement

A little bit of preplanning on which windows will open on your sunroom can kick your sunroom game up a notch. We have experience on what works best to get the gentle breeze to move through your sunroom, and we also want your expertise on what you know about your own backyard space. Working together is the best way to ensure the best results. We can adjust the window locations to maximize the most air flow. Another option to think about is a ceiling fan to help with the air movement. A little preplanning goes a long way.

Now it's time to get your sunroom built, and for you to enjoy your new space.

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